Headlines From China: The Future Of Hollywood–China Relations After The Pandemic

The Future Of Hollywood–China Relations After The Pandemic – Analysis

What will the future hold for the Hollywood–China relationship? Hollywood will still have a place in China. The major reason lies in the basic nature of the film industry as a market-based and profit-driven business. Politicians come and go, geopolitics intervenes and withdraws, but audiences are here to stay. The market logic ultimately rules and serves as the foundation that sustains the Hollywood–China partnership. The latest market success of Fast and Furious 9, Godzilla vs Kong, the nostalgic re-release of old Hollywood imports Avatar and Lord of the Rings, and the Chinese audience’s enthusiastic viewing of Friends: The Reunion testify to the lingering influence and glamour of Hollywood movies in China. Read more Eurasia Review

Will The Billie Eilish Controversy Reach China?

Superstar singer Billie Eilish has landed herself in a controversy. A compilation of clips showing her singing along to a Tyler, the Creator song, using an anti-Asian slur (“Ch*nk”) and mocking Asian accents has surfaced online on TikTok. The news has sparked outcry in the West with internet users accusing her of racism. However, the incident hasn’t reached China yet, where the young star has 554,000 followers on Weibo: at the time of publishing only 35 posts related to the incident had appeared on the platform. Read more Jing Daily