Headlines from China: ‘The Favorite’ and ‘One Cut of the Dead’ Yanked from Beijing Film Festival

The Favorite’ and ‘One Cut of the Dead’ Yanked from Beijing Film Festival

Beijing International Film Festival updated its lineup today with 97 films. The Favourite and Japanese film One Cut of the Dead have been removed from the festival’s lineup. The 97 films include classics such as Gone with the Wind, Stagecoach, and Rashômon, as well as hit movie series, such as “Jason Bourne” and “Mad Max”. The 2019 Beijing International Film Festival opens on April 6 and will last for 15 days. The ticket sale starts on April 1 through online ticketing platform Tao Piaopiao. Read more on Mtime

Entertainment Investment Firms Strive to Survive

From 2010 to 2016, the Chinese film market had explosive growth and went on to become the second largest film market in the world. As a sector that highly relies on capital, investors undoubtedly played an important role in boosting the growth. However, thanks to the shifts of government policies, such as tightened control over IPO, M&A, and tax. Entertainment companies are losing charm in the eyes of investors. In 2018, many venture capital and private equity firms reportedly invested in zero company in the entertainment sector. This year, many entertainment investment firms are projected to go out of business. For the ones that try  to survive, they’ve started looking at other sectors, such as technology and consumer goods. Read more on touzijie

‘The Crimes That Bind’ May Get China Release 

According to Mtime, the 2018 Japanese detective film The Crimes That Bind is expected to be released in China soon. The film is directed by Katsuo Fukuzawa, and stars renowned Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe and Nanako Matsushima. Based on the novel of the same name by Keigo Higashino, The Crime That Behind is a follow-up theatrical movie to a 2010 10-episode TV series Shinzanmono (“The Newcomer”), which also features Hiroshi Abe. Read more on Mtime