Headlines from China: The Changing Landscape of Film Distribution in China

The Changing Landscape of Film Distribution in China

In China, when veteran film distributors get together, they often recall the old times when a big portion of their working time was spent building relationships with theater managers. Yet, today, in the internet era, data has become more valuable than relationships. The fact that a few traditional distribution companies recently went out of business further reflects this reality. Facing new challenges and opportunities, distribution companies that are able to acquire distribution rights to potential blockbusters, have online promotion capabilities as well as offline distribution capabilities across the country are more likely to survive and thrive. In addition, given the recent negative news about China’s film distribution sector, distributors that demonstrate more integrity and transparency will likely gain favorable reputation in the industry. Read more on entgroup.cn

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The 2nd BRICS Co-production Film Will Be Directed by Five Female Filmmakers

On June 17, a press conference for the 2nd BRICS co-production film took place during the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival. It’s announced at the conference that celebrated Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke will be the executive producer and five female directors from the five BRICS countries will each make a short film around modern women’s emotional journey and their relationship with the society. The five short films will be compiled into one feature film titled Half The Sky. According to Jia Zhangke, the idea for this second BRICS Co-production was inspired by the fact that three out of four major prizes of the inaugural Pingyao International Film Festival were won by female directors. The five female directors who are invited to direct Half The Sky are Daniela Thomas from Brazil, Elizaveta Stishova from Russia, AshwinyIyer Tiwari from India, Sara Blecher from South Africa, and Liu Yulin from China. Read more on Sina

Stephen Chow Sing-chi Finishes Filming ‘The Mermaid 2’ 

Yesterday, Chinese actress Jelly Lin (Lin Yun) posted a picture of herself together with Stephen Chow (Chow Sing-chi) on Chinese social media platform Weibo, announcing that the filming of The Mermaid 2 has been completed. The Mermaid 2 is a sequel to 2016 box office hit The Mermaid, which has grossed 3.39 billion yuan (US$525 million) and currently ranks as the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time in China. The shooting of The Mermaid 2 reportedly started in Shenzhen this March. Jelly Lin continues to play the main character “mermaid Shan Shan” in the sequel. Read more on Mtime