Headlines from China: The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival Postponed

The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival Postponed

Out of an abundance of caution, the organizing committee of Shanghai International Film Festival decided to postpone this year’s event. As one of the two A-level film festivals in China, Shanghai International Film Festival welcomes many international visitors and filmmakers every year, which is probably why the organizers still decide to postpone the festival even though China has largely controlled the pandemic and reopened most of its economy. Originally held between June 13th to June 22nd each year, SIFF this year will have another opening time announced in the near future. Read more on  SIFFinShanghai

Disney+ Executive Kevin Mayer Exiting to Become CEO of TikTok

Disney veteran Kevin Mayer, who used to be the chairman of Disney’s Director-to-Consumer and International segment, is leaving the company to become CEO of TikTok. In the meantime, Mayer is also appointed as the operating officer of ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. As CEO of TikTok, Mayer will need to handle many challenges arisen from the U.S. government regarding the platform’s security and privacy issues. Read more on yiqipaidianying