Headlines From China: Tencent Plans for New eSports Arena in China

Tencent Plans for New eSports Arena in China

Tencent, which is known as the world’s largest video games company by revenue, is the creator of major eSports titles including “Ring of Elysium” and “League of Legends.” In 2019, Tencent established TJ Sports which organises and encourages competitive gaming across China. Tencent is now targeting the billion-dollar eSports arena which already has more viewers on a regular basis than the NA and the National Football League. Tencent has put eSports at the forefront of its plans to further break ground in the online entertainment arena, with a particular focus on mobile gaming, video streaming and social media. Read more Retail & Leisure International

Vlogger Sheds Light on Habitat Loss in Suburban China

A vlogger documented wildlife living near Nanjing to raise awareness of growing human encroachment. The video, shared by a vlogger on March 26, shows different wild animals approaching a puddle in a wooded area near a settlement in the eastern city of Nanjing, in Jiangsu province. The nine-minute video, shot 1 kilometer from the vlogger’s home using infrared cameras, documents the behaviors of different animals — including rabbits, magpies, yellow weasels, and owls — throughout the seasons since last spring. Last month, police arrested a man who had set a trap for the purpose of hunting in Beijing’s Nanhaizi Park, and found various hunting tools at his residence. The case is currently under investigation. Read more Sixth Tone