Headlines from China: ‘Show Dogs’ Scores China Release During July Blackout

a still from “Show Dogs”

‘Show Dogs’ Scores China Release During July Blackout

It’s officially announced today that American comedy film Show Dogs has scored a July 20 China release, which is during China’s unofficial summer blackout. Directed by Raja Gosnell, written by Max Botkin and Mac Hyman and starring Will Arnett, Natasha Lyonne and Alan Cumming, the film follows a Rottweiler police dog and his human partner who go undercover at a prestigious dog show to stop an animal smuggling activity. The film was released in the U.S. on May 18. Open Road Films and Riverstone Pictures produced the film. Read more on 163.com 

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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Crosses $210 M in China

According to box office data from Mtime Pro, China’s single-day box office earnings reached 63 million yuan ($9.51 million) on June 28. Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom continued to top the daily box office charts, raking in 28.3 million yuan ($4.27 million). Cumulatively, it has made over 1.41 billion yuan ($210 million) in China and just replaced Ready Player One as this year’s second highest-grossing foreign film in China. Tomorrow, summer moviegoing season will officially start in China, with several new films, such as Animal World, Escape Plan 2: Hades and The Coach opening across the country. Read more on Mtime

Live-streaming Platforms Huajiao and 6.cn to Merge

On June 27, Songcheng Performance Development Co. announced that its subsidiary 6.cn will merge with Beijing Mijinghefeng Technology, the operator of anther online streaming platform Huajiao. Liu Yan, founder and CEO of 6.cn will become the CEO of the new company.  Upon completion of the merger, 6.cn and Huajiao will remain two separate brands and operate independently. However, teams between the two brands will share financial, technical, and operational resources in order to maximize revenues. Read more on Sansheng