Headlines from China: Short Video is A Trendy Pastime in China, Survey Shows

Short Video is A Trendy Pastime in China, Survey Shows

At the beginning of 2018, several apps that allow users to make, share, and watch short videos quickly gained popularity in China. Currently, making and watching short videos on these apps has become the new trendy pastime among Chinese youngsters. Last week, 2009 people participated in a survey conducted by The China Youth Daily on the consumption of short videos. The results show that 49.1% of the participants spend over 30 minutes per day watching short videos. In addition, Funny and informative content is highly popular on these apps. Read more on Chinanews.com

China May Become The World’s Largest Film Market Next Year

February saw a few new records being broken in the Chinese film market: single-month box office earnings exceeded 10 billion yuan ($1.58 billion) and the number of total movie viewings in theater reached 259 million. In addition, 1879 new screens were built in February. As the U.S. film market has almost stopped growing and the Chinese market grows faster than expected, it’s very likely that China will surpass the U.S. to become the world’s largest film market in 2019. Read more on entgroup.cn

SMG Partners with Shanghai Municipal Government to Build Large Movie Studio

On March 12, Shanghai municipal government and Shanghai Media Group signed a deal to form a strategic partnership. The two parties plan to build a large scale movie studio in Jing’an, which is one of the central districts in Shanghai. At the end of last year, Shanghai municipal government introduced 50 measures to revive the city’s cultural and creative sector with the goal of developing Shanghai into a cultural and creative center with international influence by 2035. Read more on Sina

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‘Operation Red Sea’ Becomes Second Highest-Grossing Film in China

As of March 15, Chinese war drama Operation Red Sea has raked in 3.4 billion yuan, overtaking The Mermaid as the second highest-grossing film in China. As for single-day box office, Black Panther led the race on March 15 with 25.2 million yuan. Cumulatively, Black Panther has earned over 500 million yuan in China. As Tomb Raider and The Shape of Water will open this Friday with 37 % and 20.3% screen share respectively, the screen share of Black Panther is expected to drop to 13.4%. Read more on Mtime