Headlines from China: Short-formed Vertical Video is The Future?

Short-formed Vertical Video is The Future? 

The year, the entertainment market in China sees boom in the shot video sector. Online video platforms seem to have realized this new reality and started jumping on the short-video craze. Recently, leading online video platform iQiyi released a new web series with each episode lasting for only two to three minutes. In addition to producing each episode in short form, the platform also tries to cater to mobile viewers by making the video vertical. The series has been performing well so far, receiving a decent number of views and  a score of 7.9/10 on Douban. Read more on yingshidushe

Which Golden Globe Nominees Will be Released in China?

As this year’s Golden Globe nominees were just announced lately, it’s a good time for Chinese distributors to acquire China rights to the nominated films. Among this year’s 28 nominated films, six have been released in China. Four of the remaining 22 films have sold their China rights. Among them, Roma is highly anticipated. However, its China box office will likely be affected by piracy due to its December 14 release on Netflix. As for the ones that haven’t been sold to China, A Star Is Born, First Man, Vice, The Favorite and Boy Erased might not be able to pass the Chinese censorship for various reasons. The odds for Greenbook, Tully and The Old Man and the Gun to be released in China are high. Read more on yiqipaidianying

Wanda Cinemas to Install 100 RealD Ultimate Screens

Recently, Wanda Film and RealD jointly announced that at least 100 RealD ultimate screens will be installed at Wanda cinemas across China within the next two years. This marks the largest deal RealD has ever made with a single cinema chain. The RealD ultimate screens will mainly be featured at Wanda’s premium theaters. The first four theaters featuring the technology are located in Beijing and will open by March 2019. The RealD Ultimate Screen was released in 2016 and received the Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Professional Association in the same year. Read more on Mtime