Headlines From China: Shanghai Fashion Week Takes Off, Fueled by China’s Gen Z

Shanghai Fashion Week Takes Off, Fueled by China’s Gen Z

Following analyzes of the “big four” fashion weeks, the Jing Daily Fashion Week Score now moves to Shanghai. This event has been relatively untouched by the pandemic, as it managed to pivot quickly online during 2020 and was already back to “business as usual” the following season. Under the theme “The Future is Now,” Spring 2022 continues to push forward, with much of its momentum resting on emerging and independent designers who continue to make the global case for China.

Does China Still Need Hollywood Films Like ‘Dune’ After Homegrown $750 Million Hit ‘Battle at Lake Changjin’?

While the U.S. box office has been seeing the most consistently strong box office numbers since theaters reopened thanks to a trio of October releases, the box office in China has exploded without the need of Western imports from Hollywood — thanks in large part to Bona Film Group’s megablockbuster “The Battle at Lake Changjin.” It is into this boom period that Hollywood will make its return to Chinese theaters with Legendary/Warner Bros.’ “Dune,” which opens this Friday in both China and the U.S.. Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic will be a test of the Chinese audience’s interest in Western films as their growing hunger for locally made blockbusters pushed overall grosses to $523 million in the past three weekends. The Wrap