Headlines from China: Recap of the Online-Released Films in the First Half of 2020

Recap of the Online-Released Films in the First Half of 2020

At a time when exhibitors are waiting for theater reopening, many films have turned to streaming websites and online release to make the best out of the current situation. According to statistics, the (online) box office income split grossed by all online-released films in the first season of 2020 has amounted to almost 500 million yuan in total. By comparison, the film industry as a whole only collected about 650 million yuan box office over the entire year of 2018. Between January 2020 to June 2020, around 200 online films were released on different streaming platforms. The entire (online) box office income split has reached over 628 million yuan in total, which also exceeds the amount that was achieved in the entire year of 2019. Read more yiqipaidianying

Huace Media Looking to Release Director Lu Yang’s Film ‘Assassin in Red’

The fantasy-thriller film “Assassin in Red” is set to debut next lunar new year, according to its distributor Huace Media’s recent announcement. Directed by director Lu Yang and produced by veteran director Ning Hao, the film tells the fascinating story of a father who is tasked with killing a novelist in order to save his daughter who went missing a few years ago. Revolving around the father’s journey, the film is imbued with fantastical visual effects and thrilling action scenes. According to the director, this film is said to be “one of the most technically challenging films in Chinese cinema to date”. Read more Huace Media