Headlines from China: Propaganda Films May Become the Most Profitable Genre in China 

Official still of propaganda film ‘Sky Hunter.’

Propaganda Films May Become the Most Profitable Genre in China 

In a recent interview with WeChat media account “yiyuguancha,” Sun Jiashan, a scholar, researcher, and entertainment industry expert, talked about propaganda films, “little fresh meats,” and the change of Chinese moviegoers’ taste. In Sun’s opinion, the success of ‘Wolf Warrior 2‘ is not a coincidence, and propaganda films may become the most profitable genre in China. Currently, young people in tier 3 and tier 4 cities are becoming an important force that enables the continual growth of China’s box office, and films like ‘Wolf Warriors 2’ might be the type of movies most audiences of this demographics can relate to and are capable of appreciating. Read more on Yiyuguancha

‘Angels Wear White’ Scores Three Golden Horse Nominations and a November 17 China Release

Directed by award winning director Vivian Qu (‘Black Coal Thin Ice’, Golden Bear Award, 2014 Berlinale), Chinese film ‘Angels Wear White‘ has just hauled in three Golden Horse Nominations, including Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, and Best Actress. Along with the announcement of the three nominations, the film also successfully scored a November 17 release date for China. Back in July 2017, ‘Angels Wear White’ was selected to compete for Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion Award, the highest prize offered by the festival. Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival is considered as the most prestigious film festival for Chinese language cinema. Read more on Mtime

Director Zhang Yimou’s Latest Film ‘Shadow’ is in Post-Production

On October 1 (Beijing Time), Zhang Zhao, CEO of Le Vision Pictures, posted on Chinese social media Weibo a batch of pictures, which he took during his visit to director Zhang Yimou’s studio. The pictures demonstrate that Zhang Yimou is busy working on the post-production of his latest film ‘Shadow,’ even though it is during China’s National Day holiday and most people are on vacations. Adapted from Chinese historical novel ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms,’ ‘Shadow’ is Zhang’s another ancient drama after ‘The Great Wall.’ A release date hasn’t been set for the film yet. Read more NetEase Entertainment 

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Belgian Animated Film ‘The Son of Bigfoot’ to Open in China on October 14

Belgian animated comedy film ‘The Son of Bigfoot’ has scored an October 14 release date for China. The film is directed by Belgian filmmaker Ben Stassen, who is well-known for his 3-D movies and often described as “Belgium’s James Cameron.” The film is partially written by Carl Brunker who was involved in the development and production of ‘Despicable Me.’ ‘The Son of Bigfoot’ tells the story of a teenage boy who tries to find his missing father but only to discover that he’s actually Bigfoot. Read more on Mtime

Jinyi Cinemas Raising Funds to Build Another 40 Movie Theaters in China

Founded in 2004, Jinyi Cinemas is one of China’s leading film exhibitors with 321 movie theaters across China. Although the company saw revenue drop over the past three years and has fell two spots to 7th largest film exhibitor in China, it expects to enhance its profitability and increase its market share through its recently approved IPO. According to this article, Jinyi Cinemas plan to raise funds through IPO to build another 40 movie theaters in tier one, tier two, and tier three Chinese cities. And this project is expected to bring average annual revenue of 479 million yuan between 2011 and 2023. Read more on Ent Group