Headlines From China: Pixar’s Animated Film ‘Soul’ Winning Both Hearts and Box Office in China

Pixar’s Animated Film ‘Soul’ Winning Both Hearts and Box Office in China

Disney/Pixar’s ‘Soul’ continues to charm Chinese audience with its heartwarming story that resonates well with the local viewers as they turned the page on a dark 2020. The movie has received rave reviews on major Chinese film and TV rating platforms such as a 8.9/10 on Douban and 9.6/10 on Maoyan. With such high praise from the audience, the film is performing strong in the Middle Kingdom. Its New Year holiday weekend box office even surpassed that of the DC superhero film “Wonder Woman 1984”. The film has raked in $26.3 million so far as of Sunday, and is on its way to meet a projected $54 million total gross goal made by ticketing agency Maoyan. Read more Global Times 

We Asked Industry Leaders to Predict 2021 Content Commerce Trends

The coronavirus pandemic forced just about every major brand to revise 2020 goals and restructured them to face the “new normal.” As the world shifted to living predominantly online while spending a great deal more time at home, the internet became the most critical medium for brands to connect to consumers, leading to an acceleration of the digital commerce trends that had already been underway. So, where will 2020’s surge of community spirit, video content, social media usage, and e-commerce sales lead us? We asked experts for their predictions of content commerce trends to look forward to in 2021. Read more Content Commerce Insider