Headlines from China: China May Further Open Performing Arts Market to Foreign Investments 

China May Further Open Performing Arts Market to Foreign Investments 

China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently announced new regulations (draft) to further strengthen regulations on the public performance market. Currently, the draft is going through an examination period where people can submit feedback and objections. The draft emphasizes a stronger scrutiny and supervision on shows with such content as electronic music, rap, talk show, stand-up comedy, and avant-garde stage play. Commercial show organizers should submit applications to get permission to live-stream an event. A three-minute delay on live streaming is also required. Performances conducted by virtual avatars should be examined by the authorities, too. In addition, in order to improve the market’s vitality, the draft also says to reduce the entry barrier of the live performing arts market for foreign investments. If these new policies are adopted, China will allow foreign investors to set foreign-owned performing arts agencies and venues nationwide. It will also allow investors to establish Sino-foreign joint ventures in Free Trade Zones on the condition that the Chinese party is the controlling shareholder. Read more on Xinhua

Li Shaohong’s ‘Liberation’ Lands December 27 China Release

Liberation, a war film directed by Li Shaohong and Chang Xiaoyang, has been scheduled to release on December 27 in China. The film is set on the eve of the final battle of the Pingjing campaign, one of the three major campaigns during the Chinese Civil War, and follows a group of “nobodies” living in the battlefield. However, these ordinary people are also the key roles to turn the war around. Liberation stars many Chinese renowned actors, including Wallace Chung, Zhou Yiwei, Zhong Chuxi, and Yang Mi. Read more on 1905.com