Headlines from China: Passion Pays Off for Chinese “Fuerdai” Wang Sicong

Passion Pays Off for Chinese “Fuerdai” Wang Sicong

On November 3, Invictus Gaming (iG) took home the 2018 ‘League of Legends’ World Championship. This put a spotlight on the Chinese esports team as well as its founder Wang Sicong, who was previously known to many as Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlian’s son. Back in 2011, when esports was still an ignored area, Wang Sicong decided to acquire esports team CCM and reorganize it as Invictus Gaming. The acquisition money came from his father who couldn’t convince his son to follow his path and decided to give him 500 million yuan to do his own thing. As of 2017, Wang Sicong’s net worth has grown from 500 million yuan to 6.3 billion yuan. The number will only go high up after the victory of Invictus Gaming. Read more on entgroup

Future Looks Bright For Documentaries in China

A recent research by Communication University of China shows that documentaries have great potential to grow and become more and more profitable in China. In 2017, twelve documentaries were theatrically released across the country and earned over 200 million yuan at the box office. In addition, the rapid rise of online video sites gives documentaries new platforms to shine. The 2018 report on the development of documentaries in China shows that there were 2631 documentaries released on online video platforms in 2017. Short documentaries are especially popular among Chinese netizens. This has also encouraged Chinese digital giants, such as iQiyi, Tencent Video and Youku, to invest more in producing original documentary content and acquiring more foreign documentaries. Last year, Tencent and BBC co-produced Blue Planet II, which received over 200 million views after two weeks of online release. Read more on entgroup

Will ‘Venom’ Save the China Box Office This Weekend?

This Wednesday, China box office totaled 30.17 million yuan, down 13.5% compared to last Wednesday. Without counting services fees, the number would even become lower than 30 million yuan. The Hurricane Heist topped the daily box office charts without even crossing the 10-million mark. Hopes are laid on the new releases this Friday, especially Venom, which will open with an extremely high 52.9 percent screen share. Two other foreign films to be released this Friday are Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer and Shunji lwai’s Last Letter. Read more on Mtime