Headlines from China: Oriental DreamWorks to be Wholly Owned by CMC and Rebranded as Pearl Studio 

Oriental DreamWorks to be Wholly Owned by CMC and Rebranded as Pearl Studio 

On February 2, Oriental DreamWorks is officially relaunched as Pearl Studio. In addition, CMC (China Media Capital) will take full ownership of the studio. Founded in 2012 by DreamWorks Animation and Chinese investment companies including CMC, Shanghai Media Group and Shanghai Alliance Investment, Oriental DreamWorks was a joint venture with offices in Shanghai, New York, and Los Angeles. After the transition, the studio will continue to operate internationally. Its first original animated film EVEREST currently is in production and expected to release in the fall of 2019. Read more on Mtime

Red Star Macalline Group to Become Next Wanda in China?

Red Star Macalline Group (红星美凯龙), the operator of 214 home improvement and furnishings shopping malls in China, is revealing its ambition to conquer the film exhibition market. Following similar path as real estate giant Wanda‘s, Red Star Macalline Group has been integrating cinemas into its shopping malls. According to a recent announcement, Red Star Macalline Group will acquire a 52.05 percent stake in Zhejiang Tonight Films (德纳影业)with 220 million yuan. Zhejiang Tonight Films operates sixth movie theaters including some of the most profitable ones in Zhejiang province. Prior to investing in Zhejiang Tonight Films, Red Star Macalline already owned 14 cinemas in China. Read more on TMT Post

‘Bad Daddy’ Distributor Suspected of the Biggest Box Office Fraud in History

After IP Man 3 distributor was punished by Chinese film regulators over box office fraud in 2016, local film Bad Daddy is making the headlines again for possibly the biggest box office fraud in history. Bad Daddy opened today with only 3% screen share, yet has topped the charts for its astounding 34 percent attendance rate. What’s more unbelievable is that the film also beats many highly anticipated big budget productions in presale. Promotion and presale of the film abnormally started a year ago. It’s suspected the promoter behind the film is conducting a pyramid scheme. Read more on xuehua.us

Canadian Comedy Film ‘Pup Star’ to Open in China on March 24

2016 Canadian comedy film Pup Star has scored a March 24 China release, according to an official announcement made today. The film is produced by Canadian studio Air Bud Entertainment and imported by China Film Group. iQiyi will participate in the promotion of the film. The film centers around a Yorkshire Terrier and its participation in a televised signing competition. The theme of its poster echoes the fact that 2018 is a year of the dog. Read more on Mtime