Headlines From China: ‘No Time To Die’ Bonds With $20M In China Through Saturday

‘No Time To Die’ Bonds With $20M In China Through Saturday

MGM/Eon/Universal’s “No Time To Die” easily held on to the No. 1 spot in China on Saturday, adding an estimated $12M for a local two-day cume of RMB 127.3M ($19.9M). Meanwhile, local title “The Battle At Lake Changjin” has become the second highest grossing movie ever in China, surpassing “Hi, Mom” today with a cume through Saturday of RMB 5.45B ($851M). It is next expected to overtake “Wolf Warrior 2” (RMB 5.69B) as the market’s No. 1 film of all time with a Maoyan-projected finish of RMB 5.71B ($892M). Read more Deadline

Leading International Art Houses to Showcase Works at CIIE

Cameras clicked as Claude Monet’s “La Pointe du Petit Ailly” was unwrapped at the Shanghai International Bonded Artwork Service Center over the weekend. “La Pointe du Petit Ailly” was checked and verified at the Service Center, along with heavyweight painter Zhang Daqian’s “Verdant Mountains in Sichuan” and existentialist sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s “Buste de Diego.” Read more Shine