Headlines From China: New Retelling of ‘Ne Zha’ Gets IMAX Debut

New Retelling of ‘Ne Zha’ Gets IMAX Debut

Last summer, “Ne Zha” — a retelling of a household myth from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) novel “Investiture of the Gods” — unexpectedly reversed a slowdown in the summer market, becoming the highest-grossing animated film of all time in China. The latest retelling of the mythological tale, “New Gods: Nezha Reborn,” announced it would team up with giant screen system IMAX for a special 3D version, to be released across 690 IMAX cinemas in the Chinese mainland on Feb 12, the first day of the 2021 Spring Festival. Almost a brand-new story, the upcoming film is set around 3,000 years from when the rebellious war to overthrow tyranny is depicted in the novel. Read more China Daily

Can A Revived China Save The Luxury Industry’s Christmas?

Global shopping destinations are preparing for an unprecedented holiday season that will be defined by social-distancing efforts, a lack of global tourists, and a dramatic drop in retail sales. After months of confinement, consumers will prioritize luxuries that involve travel experiences and experience-based goods or services. Only in China was store traffic on the rebound, and it showed: China accounted for 18.8 percent of luxury store openings worldwide, surpassing the country’s previous three-year average of 6.4 percent. Read more Jing Daily