Headlines From China: ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’ Repeats Weekend Win

‘New Gods: Yang Jian’ Repeats Weekend Win

Chinese animation film “New Gods: Yang Jian” was the top film at the mainland China box office for the second successive weekend. Unchallenged by major new releases, the film earned $13.0 (RMB88.3 million) between Friday and Sunday, according to data from consultancy firm Artisan Gateway. That was a drop of 34% compared with its $19.8 million opening session. Read more Variety

Curtain Rises for Traditional Theater on High-Definition TV

The local Opera Channel, a television platform for traditional Chinese operas, will offer high-definition broadcasting of all its programs starting from August 30. The channel, under Shanghai Media Group, will also cooperate with streaming services and performing troupes nationwide to spread the brilliance of Chinese culture. Read more SHINE