Headlines From China: New Agreement Signed in Beijing to Help Arthouse Films Gain Bigger Release

New Agreement Signed in Beijing to Help Arthouse Films Gain Bigger Release

Elemeet, a film distribution platform that facilitates a limited release of specialty films, and iQiyi, China’s major online streaming media platform, signed a strategic agreement in Beijing to create more screening opportunities, online and offline, for young generation filmmakers’ work, often their first feature-length films. More arthouse films and high-quality documentaries, which are often unfairly marginalized in mainstream film market for their limited business value, may now have more chance to be distributed and screened in Chinese cinemas. iQiyi Industry News 

The Emergence of Chinese Luxury Brands: From Hope to Reality?

The main reason Chinese consumers are buying Western luxury items is because they simply view themselves as cosmopolitan rather than specifically Chinese. As luxury demand is still in its infancy in China, first-time purchasers simply go to the most established international brands for elements of trust. But luxury brands don’t appear overnight. And with the young Chinese generation, which is becoming more inward looking, keen to discover or rediscover 5,000 years of history and art and starting to boost domestic travel, not just because borders are shut, but also because they are curious, I am convinced that domestic luxury brands will emerge. Read more Jing Daily