Headlines from China: Netflix Original ‘Klaus’ Releases A Trailer Dubbed in Chinese

Netflix Original ‘Klaus’ Releases A Trailer Dubbed in Chinese

Klaus, a Netflix original animated film that will soon be launched on November 15, just released its trailer online. Besides in English, the trailer was also dubbed in multiple languages including Mandarin Chinese. As indicated by the accent in the film trailer, the voice actors who dubbed Klaus’ Chinese version might from mainland China. According to people familiar with the matter, Netflix also hired voice actors from mainland China to dub the platform’s original series Kingdom (South Korea) and The Naked Director (Japan). Klaus, taking aims at Oscars, will be released on November 8 in selected theatres in North America. Read more on Mtime

‘Charlie’s Angels’ 2019 Passes Chinese Censorship

It was announced that the 2019 Charlie’s Angels, directed by Elizabeth Banks, has passed Chinese censorship, but the opening date is yet to be determined. A Chinese-version poster of the film was also released at the same time. The 2019 reboot of Charlie’s Angels stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as the leading characters. In North America, the film is scheduled to release on November 15. Read more on Mtime