Headlines From China: Moviegoers Divided Over ‘Invisible’ Gay Cast in ‘Upcoming Summer’

Moviegoers Divided Over ‘Invisible’ Gay Cast in ‘Upcoming Summer’

The coming-of-age drama “Upcoming Summer” tells the story of two high school students experiencing the perks and pitfalls of love while reappearing for the gaokao, China’s college entrance exams. But one of the protagonists has a past romance that remains elusive in the plot, with audiences guessing it’s a same-sex relationship. Movies with LGBT themes are rarely made in China and regulatory restrictions on the portrayal of same-sex relationships have added more challenges for producers willing to bring these stories to life. Read more Sixth Tone

Kris Wu Formally Arrested for Rape Charges and His Shows Deleted Online

A Chinese court formally approved the arrest of pop icon Kris Wu on rape charges on Monday. Shows featuring Wu quickly disappeared in their entirety online, including high-profile ones from major streamers and content studios Youku, iQiyi, MangoTV and Bilibili, among others. Among the most popular is iQiyi’s “The Rap of China,” which is considered a show that catapulted the rap genre into mainstream Chinese culture. Read more Variety