Headlines From China: ‘Moneyboys’ Director C.B. Yi Balances Gay Love Story Between China and Taiwan

‘Moneyboys’ Director C.B. Yi Balances Gay Love Story Between China and Taiwan

C.B. Yi’s Un Certain Regard title “Moneyboys” is a moving exploration of Chinese rural-to-urban migration that feels authentically emotional despite being peppered with incongruous moments and details. The film follows Fei (Kai Ko), who moves from the countryside to different Chinese megacities to support his family as a hustler. When he realizes that they accept his money but not his homosexuality, their relationship breaks down.As censorship tightens in the mainland, the “Moneyboys” model of a China-born director with foreign citizenship making a China-set film shot outside the country with foreign funding and crew may become an increasingly common avenue for cinematic explorations of otherwise taboo Chinese subjects. Read more Variety

How Weibo Is Fueling Social Capital For Luxury Brands In China

China’s Twitter equivalent, Weibo, has become a major conduit where luxury brands can communicate with Chinese consumers. On July 15, Weibo hosted a panel titled: Empowering Luxury Innovation and Expanding Brand Influence. With Weibo’s edge in social listening and data tracking, the social media giant explored social interaction opportunities for its luxury partners. Read more Jing Daily