Headlines from China: Less “IP Films” or “Little Fresh Meats ” in This Year’s Summer Slate 

Less “IP Films” or “Little Fresh Meats ” in This Year’s Summer Slate 

Most titles in this year’s summer slate have been revealed so far. While the majority of imported films are sequels and “IP films,” only few domestic films are trying to sell IPs or “little fresh meats” this summer. It seems that “popular IP + little fresh meats” is not the trendy format anymore. Instead, genre films are occupying this year’s lucrative summer movie-going season in China. From nationalistic film, comedy, to fantasy and action film, this year’s summer slate demonstrates more diversity and creativity. Read more on entgroup.cn

Kuaishou Forms Strategic Partnership with China All Digital Publishing Group

On June 6, China Digital Publishing Group announced that the company had formed a three-year strategic partnership with short-video platform Kuaishou. This partnership further indicates that Kuaishou might plan to tap into the production of feature-length video content. Right before forming the partnership with China All, Kuaishou acquired anime and video sharing platform Acfun. According to China All’s announcement, the collaboration mainly entails content sharing, IP co-development, and cross-promotion. Read more on yulechanye

Chinese Regulator Closes Online Registration Channel for Domestic Games

According to sources familiar with the matter, China’s Ministry of Culture just closed the online registration channel for domestic games. The registration channel for foreign games is still open. There is no official statement as to why the channel for domestic games is closed or when it will be reopened. Some industry experts speculate that the government is trying to tighten control over domestic games, while others believe that the website is under restructuring and the closure will only be temporary. Nonetheless, imported foreign films will not be affected. It’s also likely that the new situation will push domestic game companies to actively expand in the global game market. Read more on yuledujiaoshou