Headlines from China: Jia Zhangke to Shoot ‘Ash is Purest White’

Photo: Weibo.

Jia Zhangke to Shoot Ash is Purest White

The official Weibo account of Jia Zhangke’s latest film Ash is Purest White (Jiang Hu Er Nv) reveals that the film has been officially launched and Jia is preparing for the shooting. Previously titled Money and Love, Ash is Purest White tells a love story between a taxi driver and a model. Jia posted a picture of the launch on WeChat, and the caption of the picture says ‘the biggest storm I experienced in my life was falling in love with you’, which points out the theme of the film. Read more on 1905.com

Wu Jing Gains Attention from Hollywood, May Join Cast of The Expendables 4

According to a Taiwanese news source, Frank Grillo is gaining more and more attention for playing in Chinese movie Wolf Warriors 2. As a result, some big Hollywood studios have reached out to him. In addition to offering Grillo opportunities, studios are also curious to find out if Wu Jing, the director, writer and lead actor of Wolf Warriors 2, can speak English. According to another news source, two Chinese companies have signed deals to acquire copyrights and distribution rights of The Expendables 4 in China. In the cast revealed by these two companies, Wu Jing is included. Read more on Sohu

RealD to Open the First “LUXE Laser” Theater in Shanghai

Global 3D and VFX company RealD released product “LUXE: A RealD Experience” in 2013. This year, the company upgraded this product to a 2.0 version called “LUXE Laser”. China’s Palace Cinemas will be the first movie theater worldwide to equip “LUXE Laser”. Palace Cinemas started to partner with RealD in 2014, and the two companies have built 11 movie theaters together since then. The “LUXE Laser” theater will be their 12th theater and is expected to open in September 2017. Read more on dianyingjie

Wanda Cinemas to Extend the Theatrical Run of Documentary Twenty Two

Documentary Twenty Two on World War II Sex Slaves opened in theaters in China on Monday August 14, and has raked in more than 40 million yuan with a relatively small number of screenings. In order for more audiences to watch this heartfelt and meaningful film, Wanda Cinemas announced that their movie theaters across the country will extend the run of this documentary. Wanda has been actively supporting independent and art-house movies in recent years, and is also one of the initiators of the newly founded National Art-house Film Alliance. Read more on Mtime

Baby Driver Premiered in China, Ansel Elgort Showed off His Mandarin

The Chinese premiere of Baby Driver took place on August 16 in Beijing. Both director Edgar Wright and lead actor Ansel Elgort attended the premiere. Although just arrived in Beijing a few days ago, both have learned quite a few Chinese words and tried to show them off to Chinese audiences. In addition to showing off his mandarin, Elgort also proved his singing skills to Chinese audiences by singing ‘Easy’, which is part of the movie’s sound track. Read more on 1905.com