Headlines from China: Jia Zhangke Comments on Fan Bingbing Tax Evasion Scandal 

Jia Zhangke Comments on Fan Bingbing Tax Evasion Scandal 

At the 2nd Pingyao International Film Festival (PYIFF), Chinese filmmaker and the founder of the PYIFF Jia Zhangke was requested by a foreign reporter to comment on Fan Bingbing tax evasion scandal. In Jia’s opinion, the Chinese film industry is still developing and experiencing twists and turns in order to become more mature. Industry professionals should strive to be more professional, cautious and self-disciplined. Jia also mentions that many local governments in China offered favorable policies and incentives over the past few years to facilitate the development of local film industries. Jia hopes that the government can continue to support filmmaking through various policies and that the society can acknowledge filmmakers’ efforts. As for the relationship between the film industry and the capital market, Jia Zhangke points out that the film industry needs the participation of capital, but the driving force behind the industry are creators. Cinema will exist regardless of external circumstances, and a strong desire to express will help filmmakers overcome difficulties. Read more on Sina

‘Project Gutenberg’ Crosses RMB 1 Billion after 19 Days 

On October 18, Hong Kong action film Project Gutenberg earned 16.15 million yuan and topped the daily box office charts. Cumulatively, the film finally crossed the RMB 1 billion mark and became the 15th film and the only National-day film to join this year’s 1-billion club. Zhang Yimou’s Shadow has made 584 million yuan in total and is expected to soon surpass Mahua FunAge’s Hello Mrs. Money, which has made 588 million yuan as of yesterday. Today, several new films, including Baby, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Smallfoot and Early Man, will be released in China. Read more on Mtime

British Comedy Film ‘Patrick’ Scores A November 9 China Release

Patrick, a 2018 British live-action comedy film directed by Mandie Elizabeth Fletcher, has been set to release in China on November 9. Written by Vanessa Davies, Mandie Fletcher and Paul de Vos, the film is about a woman whose life changes when her grandmother gives her a Pug named Patrick. Mandie Fletcher is an award-winning film and TV director whose previous work Blackadder won her the Best Comedy Series award at the 1988 BAFTAs. Read more on Mtime