Headlines From China: Is China’s Entertainment Industry Having a Reckoning?

Is China’s Entertainment Industry Having a Reckoning?

It’s not unusual for social media posts and accounts to disappear from the Chinese internet. But when works of popular actor Zhao Wei vanished overnight from leading online platforms last week, there was a conspicuous frenzy. Why one of China’s most celebrated celebrities, who rose to fame with hit television series “My Fair Princess” in the late ‘90s, has been targeted is unclear, but speculations that the authorities may be after her for finance-related issues have surfaced online. Read more Sixth Tone

Adam Sandler Claims Netflix Made Him ‘Hustle’ New Movie out of China

Adam Sandler claims that Netflix asked him to change the setting of his upcoming film from China to Spain, as the online movie bazaar doesn’t stream in the Middle Kingdom. Meanwhile, although Netflix is making inroads throughout Asia, the streaming giant is currently unavailable in China with no plans to try and appeal to the Chinese market. Read more New York Post