Headlines From China: Is China Killing Off Its “Little Fresh Meat”?

Is China Killing Off Its “Little Fresh Meat”?

China loves “Little Fresh Meat,” the handsome young male celebrities and KOLs, famous for their androgynous looks and feminine aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s big draws like Lu Han, now the face of Gucci and widely considered the darling of the trend, or Kris Wu, contracted to Louis Vuitton and Bvlgari, or even the “King of Lipstick” himself, Li Jiaqi, these idols have turned “Little Fresh Meat” not only into a popular trend, but also into a very profitable and influential business — both for themselves and the brands they represent. Now, however, China might be clamping down on men being too feminine with a new proposal that could mean that their time is numbered. Read more Jing Daily

Chloe Zhao Backlash Will Test China’s New Era of Hollywood Censorship

When Zhao won the best director award at the Golden Globes on Feb. 28 — a first for an Asian woman — the moment was as widely celebrated in China as it was in the U.S., with Chinese news outlets and social media users rallying around her success as a source of national pride. Within a day, however, the mood dramatically darkened. Internet sleuths unearthed old interviews in which Zhao appeared critical of her country, and before long, debate and vitriol over her “attitude towards China” was spreading just as fast as the adulation had. Beijing’s internet censors were next to enter the fray, blocking most publicity for Nomadland on social media and deleting many references to the film’s April 23 China release date. Read more The Hollywood Reporter