Headlines from China: iQiyi Stops Revealing Viewing Figures

iQiyi Stops Revealing Viewing Figures 

On September 3, Chinese video platform iQiyi released a notice, stating that the platform will no longer reveal viewing figures of each video. Number of views is replaced with a number that indicates a video’s popularity, which is calculated based on number of views, viewing duration, comments and number of shares. According to the notice, iQiyi made such a change in order to prohibit unfair competitions. It’s an open secret that many marketers use fake views to trick the audience and algorithms that choose which content to display. While iQiyi’s decision of no longer revealing viewing figures has been receiving mostly positive feedback, many say it’s still too early to tell if the new method is effective in facilitating fair competition. Read more on Entertainment Capital 

Jia Zhangke Invites Juliette Binoche to Star in His Next Film

On September 2, Chinese director Jia Zhangke and French actress Juliette Binoche had a talkback in Shanghai. The two talked about their careers in the film industry and their opinions on acting. Jia mentioned the situation where in China actresses have much less opportunities to act once they reach the age of 30. Meanwhile, Binoche still has a strong desire and abundant opportunities to work and maintain a lasting and successful career, which is something the Chinese film industry should reflect upon. Jia also pointed out the fact that Binoche worked with several Asian filmmakers in recent years and expressed his interest in working with her on his next film, which will make him the fifth Asian director Binoche has worked with. Binoche happily accepted Jia’s invitation, saying that five is her lucky number. Read more on Mtime

Three Chinese VR Films Enter Venice Film Festival

This year, three VR films produced by Chinese companies have been selected by the Venice Film Festival to compete in its VR section. The three films are Pinta StudiosShen Nong: Taste of Illusion, Sandman Studios’ Fresh Out and iQiyi’s The Last One Standing VR. The festival presents VR films in two categories: interactive and linear. All three Chinese VR films are in the interactive section. According to marketing executive Xu Huipeng, whose company Jaunt China co-produced Shen Nong: Taste of Illusion, an increasing number of VR cinemas and experiential stores are built in China this year. In addition to experiencing and purchasing VR content online, more and more customers are able to go to a cinema or store to try and purchase VR entertainment products in China. Read more on chinafilm.com