Headlines From China: Interview With Production Team of ‘Day is Done’

Interview With Production Team of ‘Day is Done’: Interpreting the Power of Shared Emotion

Chinese short film “Day Is Done” won the Silver Bear Jury Prize at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival in March. The story happened on a normal afternoon, and it’s relatively simple: A boy is about to leave home to study abroad. Before leaving, he visits his grandfather who recalls things from the past. Director Zhang Dalei said in an interview, “The way of showing emotions (in the Orient) is very restrained. It’s cumulative and then explosive.” The producer, Gao Yitian, is also the director of operations of FIRST International Film Festival, which focuses on the new generation of Chinese filmmakers. Zhang and Gao both expressed confidence in the future of China’s film market and environment. “Although there are dark times and heavy losses, the recovery is relatively fast,” said Gao. “This is a very good era.” Read more CGTN

A Conversation with Baidu Co-founder Robin Li

Baidu’s listing in Hong Kong marks a comeback for one of China’s technology titans that has in recent years been overshadowed by Alibaba and Tencent. In this exclusive interview CEO and Co-founder Robin Li tells Bloomberg’s Tom Mackenzie about Baidu’s decade-long journey that’s transformed it from being a search engine to a company that does everything from cloud computing to producing autonomous vehicles and state-of-the-art chips. Watch the full video at Bloomberg