Headlines From China: How MCM Is Winning Over Chinese Shoppers Via Youth Culture

How MCM Is Winning Over Chinese Shoppers Via Youth Culture

MCM was the most telling example of logomania hype among Chinese millennials. The Italian ‘Visetos’ monogram (consisting of a typographic logo surrounded by bay leaves, diamond shapes, and iconic rivets) was imprinted on many local consumers’ collective fashion memories in the past decade. However, as younger generations with unique aesthetics and mindsets emerge in China, MCM has had to move with the times. Its latest rebrand cleverly repositions itself as a luxury brand with young blood, thereby elevating its relevance with Gen-Z shoppers. Read more Jing Daily

China Review Studio presents Academy Award-winning Director Malcolm Clarke’s New Docuseries ‘A Long Cherished Dream’

The film will be broadcast on UK Sky TV and Discovery Channel Southeast Asia in August and October respectively. Malcolm Clarke, a British director in the film industry for over 40 years, has been good at projecting a panoramic view of society with individual stories, reflecting the relationship between the great times and the fate of ordinary people, and showing a strong spiritual core in short films. “A Long Cherished Dream” consists of four episodes: A Room of Their Own, Drive Like A Girl, Leap of Faith and The Tie That BindsMalcolm Clarke adopted an objective and level approach, and told stories of pursuing moderate prosperity. Since the film was premiered in China, it has gained over 2.9 million views. Read more PR Newswire