Headlines from China: How Does China Discover and Support Emerging Filmmakers?

How Does China Discover and Support Emerging Filmmakers?

As the Chinese film market continues to grow, it has become a consensus that cultivating the next generation of filmmakers is one of the most pressing issues faced by China’s film industry. This article takes a look at the various initiatives that are created to discover and support emerging talents in China. Showcasing emerging filmmakers’ works and organizing pitch sessions are the two common approaches employed by film festivals. CFDG Young Director Support Program is the major program initiated by the Chinese government to support young talents. In addition to film festivals and the government, several industry veterans and film studios are also active in this effort. Prominent initiatives include Wings Project by Jia Zhangke and Alibaba Pictures, Dirty Monkey 72 Transformations Film Project by Ning Hao, Banana Project by Wang Sicong, Film Project A by Jackie Chan Foundation, and Early Bird Project by Heyi Pictures. Read more on yiqipaidianying

Huayi Brothers to Sue Several Media Outlets for Defamation

Chinese film studio Huayi Brothers will file lawsuits against several media outlets for defamation, according to sources familiar with the matter. Early in June, Huayi Brothers’s Wang Zhonglei and Wang Zhongjun carried out a pledge of their stock rights, which led several Weibo media accounts to speculate or even conclude that the company was under investigation for tax evasion or that Wang Zhonglei and Wang Zhongjun were trying to sell their stocks for cash. Huayi Brothers stated that the aforementioned inaccurate reporting had brought significant damage to the company’s shareholders and generated fear in the stock market. Currently, Huayi Brothers is conducting investigation to collect evidence. Once the investigation is done, the company will officially file its lawsuits. Read more on Mtime

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Russian Sports Drama ‘Coach’ Set to Release in China During World Cup

‘Coach,’ the 2018 Russian sports drama directed by Danila Kozlovsky, has been scheduled to release in China on June 29, which is during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The movies is centered around a national soccer player who, after flubs a penalty kick, flees to a small town to coach their local team. In addition to directing, Kozlovsky also plays the main character. The film was released in Russia in April and achieved both critical and commercial success. Read more on Mtime