Headlines from China: Hollywood’s Localization in China: What Works, What Doesn’t

Fan Bingbing in the Chinese version of “Iron Man 3”

Hollywood’s Localization in China: What Works, What Doesn’t

This article analyzes four major strategies Hollywood often uses to localize films for the Chinese market. Back in the early 2010s, a strategy employed by some Hollywood movies was developing two versions of the same film: one is the international version, and the other is the Chinese version with added China-specific content. The negative reviews received by the Chinese versions of Iron Man 3 and The Smurfs 2 have told Hollywood that this strategy doesn’t work well. Another strategy that is widely used is hiring a Chinese celebrity as ambassador to promote a film in China. The effectiveness of this strategy varies depending on various factors, especially the choosing of the right ambassador. The third strategy being analyzed here is using Chinese internet slangs in the subtitles, which seem more weird than funny to many Chinese audiences. The last strategy, which is increasingly used nowadays as China gradually integrates itself into the global film market, is casting Chinese actors in Hollywood movies. Although Chinese audiences are not always happy with the casting decisions made by Hollywood studios, this strategy is relatively more acceptable and feel more natural to them. Read more on yuemuchina

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Jackie Chan’s ‘Knight of Shadows’ Set for 2019 Chinese New Year Release

Jackie Chan‘s fantasy drama The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang has been scheduled to release on 2019 Chinese New Year’s Day, according to an official announcement made today at the film’s press conference in Beijing. The film is centered around Qing Dynasty Chinese writer Pu Songling (Jackie Chan) and follows his journey as he tracks down the beasts that enter the human dimension. Different from Chan’s previous roles, the character Pu Songling is a writer who impresses people with his intelligence rather than kung fu. Read more on Mtime

Jiang Wen to Chair Jury for “Golden Goblet” Awards at Shanghai International Film Festival

Acclaimed Chinese director and actor Jiang Wen is going to lead the jury for the prestigious “Golden Goblet” Awards at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, which runs from June 16-25 this year. Jiang is known for acting in films such as Red Sorghum and Hibiscus Town and directing films such as In the Heat of the Sun and Let the Bullets Fly. Read more on Mtime

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Sun Hongbin Warns Leshi Investors in A Recent Interview

On March 25, Sun Hongbin, CEO of Sunac China and former Chairman of Leshi, sat down for an interview with Chinese trade publication Yema Financial. Sun, who invested about 15 billion yuan ($2.4 billion) in Leshi and recently resigned as the company’s chairman, called his investment “a failure.” He also warned other investors that Leshi was facing mountainous debts and severe operational challenges, and was likely to be delisted. Read more on TMT Post