Headlines from China: Global Film Industry’s Reopening Postponed Again

Global Film Industry’s Reopening Postponed Again

Out of an abundance of concerns facing the second spike in COVID-19 cases, Hollywood has decided to postpone again the theatrical release of the much-anticipated ‘Mulan’ and ‘Tenet’ until August 21st and August 12th respectively. Both films have long shouldered the film industry’s hopes of getting back to business, but the second postponement only came in to cast a shadow over the industry’s reopening plan. As the crisis continues, the ongoing theater shutdown has already caused survival problems for many participants in the film industry around the world. Read more yiqipaidianying

Cannes Film Festival Hosts a VR-backed Official Event ‘Cannes XR’

In order to adapt to the new normal of 2020, Cannes International Film Festival recently organized a VR-technology-enabled online event called “Cannes XR”, dedicated to immersive technologies and works, in connection with the art of storytelling and the film industry. In this year’s edition, “Cannes XR” provided the audience with five units of works including “VeeR Future Award”, “Development showcase”, “Positron Visionary Award”,  “Tribeca Virtual Arcade”, and “Events & Conference”. What it feels like to “attend” Cannes while sitting in a chair with a headset in an office far away from Cannes?. Read more youhaoxifilm