Headlines From China: Gen Z Favorite Bilibili Moves Further Into Content Commerce

Gen Z Favorite Bilibili Moves Further Into Content Commerce

The popular youth-oriented video streaming platform Bilibili (aka Station B) has been boosting its content-commerce game through a series of key investments and brand-friendly programming innovations. As Bilibili has expanded from its original niche focus on ACG (Anime, Comic, and Games) content into more general lifestyle offerings such as food, beauty, and fitness, product videos have become increasingly popular, reportedly hitting some 5 billion views from an audience of 90 million over the past year. Highlighting the brand opportunities on Bilibili, the platform recently published its inaugural “China-Z 100” list, a selection of the top 100 domestic products targeted at consumers under the age of 30. Read more Content Commerce Insider

Netflix to Adapt Chinese Literature Classic, Sparking Heated Discussions Online

The U.S. streaming giant Netflix recently announced its plan to adapt the Chinese literature classic “Water Margin ”, igniting heated discussions on Chinese social media platforms. Chinese netizens have expectations mingled with fears towards this news announcement after seeing Disney’s huge flop “Mulan” remake came out earlier this year. According to Netflix, the film will be made with a “futuristic twist,” while film publication outlet Deadline describes the film as an epic action-adventure movie with intrigue and romantic elements, which touches on concepts such as loyalty, social responsibility and leadership. Despite many concerns, some netizens are also optimistic about this project as they believed that it could bring classic Chinese culture to the world. Read more dealmoon