Headlines from China: “Gaokao” is Postposed: What It Means to the Film Industry?

“Gaokao” is Postposed: What It Means to the Chinese Film Industry?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, China will postpone this year’s “gaokao,” the national college entrance examination, by one month to July. Each year, the test-takers constitute a great proportion of the summer moviegoers. With this postponement announced yesterday, it is foreseeable that the summer box office will face some declines ahead. Film distributors will also have to recalibrate their distribution plans to adjust for this shortened summer break. Read more on yiqipaidianying

Mobile Live Streaming Platform Inke Saw Revenue Drop for Fourth Consecutive Year

The leading mobile live streaming platform Inke published its 2019 performance report. Although the company continues to make money in 2019, its annual gross revenue decreases again compared with the year of 2018, which noticeably is a decline for the fourth consecutive fiscal year. As an industry pioneer in mobile live streaming, Inke now faces a much tougher environment as latecomers such as Huya TV and Douyu Live have established their fortresses. Read more yuledujiaoshou