Headlines From China: Gao Xiaosong Talks About Plans to Form ‘Hollywood China Club’

Photo: Weibo

Gao Xiaosong Talks About Plans to Form ‘Hollywood China Club’

Gao Xiaosong, co-founder of Alibaba Music Group, chairman of Alibaba Entertainment Strategic Committee, and an iconic figure in Chinese folk music, revealed at a recent talk that he has been wanting to change the way China partners with Hollywood currently by uniting companies like Alibaba, Tencent, and Wanda and form a “Hollywood China Club.” Gao said that this would integrate the best resources in the Chinese entertainment industry, help make negotiations and partnerships between China and Hollywood more transparent, and better regulate the industry to prevent corruption and fraud. So far Gao has spoken to executives from Wanda, CMC, and Tencent, all of whom are in favor of the idea. With more Chinese investments in Hollywood, such as CMC taking stake CAA, Gao believes the outflow of capital has to be accompanied by smart strategies. Read more on huxiu.com

Beth Behrs of ‘2 Broke Girls’ To Be Featured in Chinese Animation ‘Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink’

Beth Behrs, who became known to Chinese audiences after playing Caroline on hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls, is to be turned into a cartoon character in the upcoming Chinese animated film Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink, to be released on Chinese New Year’s Day (February 16).  Behrs’ character is a girl interested in biology and an advocate for the environment. This is Behrs’ first collaboration with China; she will serve as the international ambassador for the film, and be doing voiceovers for her character when the film releases outside China. Read more on Mtime

Top 20 Cultural And Entertainment Industries Venture Capital Firms in 2017

In 2017, Tencent, IDG Capital, and ZhenFund topped the charts for the number of investments made cultural and entertainment industries, while companies like CMC and Sequoia Capital also made the list with more than 10 investments in a year. Sequoia Capital has made major investments in high-profile projects like iQiyi and Toutiao, making a name for itself across the cultural and entertainment industries. It is worth noting that many capital firms have shifted their focus to media companies and online literature websites. Read more Entertainment Capital

Are Chinese Capital Firms Turning To Bollywood Films?

After the success of Dangal, another Amir Khan’s movie, Secret Superstar, did surprisingly well in China, raking in over 107 million yuan ($16.7 million) in ticket sales so far. This has opened many doors to film partnerships between India and China; the fact that there were Chinese investors behind Secret Superstar signifies the changes in China-India partnerships, making Bollywood films more than just imported films. Although it is uncertain whether Bollywood films will be successful in China in the long term, there is certainly substantial market potential in China. Read more on Entertainment Capital