Headlines from China: Game Companies Stumble As China’s Ministry of Education Recommends Fewer Game Approvals

Game Companies Stumble As China’s Ministry of Education Recommends Fewer Game Approvals

On August 30, China’s Ministry of Education published a notice on its website, calling for fewer game approvals, as the state department believes that reducing the amount of time that children spend in front of screens will reduce the risk of myopia. Many game companies’ stocks stumbled Thursday night upon the release of the notice. Industry insiders believe that if the Chinese government does limit game licenses, smaller game developers will suffer more compared to the bigger game companies, as large firms are more capable of complying with regulations, preparing related paperwork and navigate the application system. Read more on National Business Daily

Hit Turkish Documentary ‘Kedi’ to Release in China

Kedi, a 2016 Turkish documentary film about the many stray cats in Istanbul, premiered in China this year at the Beijing International Film Festival and received enthusiastic reactions from Chinese moviegoers. After its presence at the BIFF, many Chinese netizens expressed their interest in this film. The film also received positive reviews in the U.S. after a limited theatrical release in February 2017. According to unnamed sources, it has been confirmed that Kedi will be imported into China, although a release date hasn’t been set. Read more on Mtime

Chinese Film ‘3 Adventures of Brooke’ Included in Venice Days Lineup

The Venice Film Festival’s independently run Venice Days section recently unveiled its lineup. Chinese film 3 Adventures of Brooke, which is directed by first-time director Yuan Qing, has been selected into its competition section along with other 10 films. The film follows a Chinese girl who travels alone in Malaysia and experiences three variant adventures after one of her bicycle tires is blown. In addition to casting Chinese actress Xu Fangyi as the lead character, the film also stars French actor Pascal Greggory, who was frequently featured in French new wave director Eric Rohmer’s works. Over the past ten years, the Venice Days section has presented the world premieres of several Chinese-language films, such as Lou Ye’s Love and Bruises, Peng Fei’s The Taste of Rice Flower and Midi Z’s The Road to Mandalay. Read more on Sohu