Headlines from China: Filmmaker Wong Jing Raged at Video Platforms at Hong Kong FilMart

Filmmaker Wong Jing Raged at Video Platforms at Hong Kong FilMart

A panel on Hong Kong film IPs was held lately during Hong Kong FilMart. Top executives from Chinese video streaming sites as well as veteran Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Jing participated in the panel. After listening to presentations by executives from iQiyi and Qi Shu Youyu, Wong Jing was full of rage and accused the platforms of streaming web films that employed Hong Kong film IPs without permission. Some audiences were stunned by the awkward situation, while some applauded Wong’s criticism. Read more on 163.com

Liu Cixin Not Aware of Possible Amazon Series Based on ‘The Three Body Problem’ 

Yesterday, Financial Times reported that Amazon was in talks to possibly produce three seasons of episodes based on Chinese writer Liu Cixin‘s sci-fi novel The Three Body Problem. Chinese media outlet Mtime contacted Liu Cixin to confirm. Liu responded that he also saw the news on the internet and had no idea about it. Currently, the adaptation rights to the book is solely held by Youzu Interactive, a leading game developer and publisher in China. It remains to be seen if Liu Cixin will participate in the development and production of any upcoming film and TV series based on the book. Read more on Mtime 

Goodbye CCTV, Hello “Voice of China”

Yesterday, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China officially released a government restructuring plan. The plan confirms the news that the publicity department of the communist party will oversee the country’s film industry. In addition, China Central Television (CCTV), China Radio International (CRI), and China National Radio (CNR) will be merged into one entity called “The Voice of China.” The new entity is created to promote the Party’s theories, principles, and policies. Read more on Guduo Media

Upon Hong Kong IPO, Monetization Remains as A Challenge for Video App Kuishou

China’s leading short-video app Kuishou is likely to complete its Hong Kong IPO this year, according to sources familiar with the matter. The news has not been confirmed by Kuaishou. Meanwhile, many industry insiders believe that an IPO will give Kuishou the edge to enhance brand awareness and expand business, but the fierce competition among short-video apps will continue. Although Kuishou has the largest number of users compared to other short-video apps, it also faces criticism for its vulgar and sensational content, which hinders the app from attracting well-educated users with higher income. Read more on entgroup.cn