Headlines From China: FILMART 2021 Adapts to Surging Streaming Viewership

FILMART 2021 Adapts to Surging Streaming Viewership

With the boom in streaming worldwide during lockdown, streamers have recognized that there is plenty of demand for non-English-language content among their subscribers. As one of the largest content markets in Asia, FILMART aims to continue serving as a springboard for international buyers to find new Chinese-language content from around the region. The 2021 FILMART expert panels and seminars will also be naturally shifting to talking about the role that internet platforms will play in shaping the industry’s future. Read more Variety

Reimagining a Legend: Review on ‘Nezha Reborn’

The story of Nezha, a well-known figure from ancient Chinese literature, has evolved over centuries, spawning a number of movies, TV dramas, animated titles and graphic novels in recent decades. Interestingly, the latest Chinese animated blockbuster film “Nezha Reborn” has brought a different incarnation of Nezha to the audiences. It won acclaim during the fiercely competitive Spring Festival holiday, obtaining 7.4 out of 10 points on the review site Douban. Many insiders hope the film will become a Chinese answer to Hollywood superhero films. Read more China.org.cn