Headlines from China: Female Marvel Superhero Based On Chinese Star G.E.M. Unveiled 

Female Marvel Superhero Based On Chinese Star G.E.M. Unveiled 

At the recent Stan Lee Comic Con in Shanghai, POW! Entertainment unveiled a new female superhero based on Chinese singer-songwriter Gloria Tang Tsz-kei, who is widely known by her stage name G.E.M. The tentative name for the character is Jewel, although the studio gives fans the final say on the name. According to the the studio’s statement, Stan Lee met G.E.M. during his last visit to China. Her powerful singing has the type of energy that Stan Lee wants his superhero to have, which led the decision to create a character based on the singer. It hasn’t been decided what kinds of superpower this character will have. Read more on Sina

The Fall of China’s Tax Haven for Entertainment Firms

Khorgos Economic Development Zone, a small Chinese city on the border with Kazakhstan, became home to over 2000 film and media companies drawn to the city by its generous tax breaks. While these companies registered in Khorgos, almost none of them operate there. Thanks to Chinese government’s crackdown on tax evasion, an increasing number of entertainment firms are closing shops there. In September, over 30 companies left Khorgos. All of this started in May when TV host Cui Yongyuan published actress Fan Bingbing’s alleged tax evasion. While Fan’s case finally drew a conclusion this week, nobody is sure that he wouldn’t be the next one who gets into tax-related troubles. Read more on entgroup.cn

What You Need To Know About China’s Post-00s Generation

In 2018, the first of China’s citizens born after the year 2000 are reaching adulthood and becoming a dominant consumer group. According to Chinese census, the population of China’s post-oos generation is about 160 million. 37.2% of them live in second-tier cities while 33.5% live in fourth or lower tier cities. This group of people are reportedly have better living conditions, stronger purchasing power and more financial autonomy. Post-00s are also more accustomed to paying for entertainment content and longing to connect with other human beings through online platforms and be understood. Read more on entgroup.cn