Headlines From China: Everybody Wants To Be The Next Li Jiaqi

Everybody Wants To Be The Next Li Jiaqi

For years, China has been forging ahead with the creation of a sophisticated live-streaming ecosystem and since its launch in 2016, Taobao Live has been a vital component of the sector. During lockdown, the medium exploded in popularity and since then China has been stepping up its control over the industry. This week, it released further regulations that require platforms to set up a system that internally ranks users by various metrics and establish risk management systems to guard against illegal marketing tactics. Read more Jing Daily

Huawei Heiress Annabel Yao is Slammed by Chinese Internet After Joining Cast of Hit TV Show

Controversial singer and Huawei heiress Annabel Yao, is once again facing criticism from netizens following the announcement that she will be joining one of China’s most popular celebrity reality TV show, “Chinese Restaurant.” Yao, who is the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, catapulted to the top of trending pages in China following the release of her debut single “Back Fire” in January. Comments from netizens at the time focused on her privilege, with one user writing, “Can’t sing, can’t dance, but if you have money…” First launched in 2017, “Chinese Restaurant” invites five big-name pop idols each season to open and run a restaurant over the course of three weeks in a selected city around the world. The fifth edition of the show, is set to air beginning in the third quarter of this year. Read more RADII China