Headlines from China: Er Dong Pictures to Launch IPO in Hong Kong

Er Dong Pictures to Launch IPO in Hong Kong

Chinese entertainment company Er Dong Pictures submitted its IPO filing again to Hong Kong Stock Exchange after its first submission at the end of 2019. Founded by Chen Shuogang and Yang Fan in 2015, the company is known for its investments in several Chinese blockbusters such as My People My Country, Operations Red Sea, and Ip Man 4. The company has also been operating cinemas since 2018. According to National Business Daily, Er Dong Pictures is eager to go public for three reasons: to continue to invest in more film and tv projects, to launch four more movie theaters that are currently in different phases of preparations, and to fund the company’s general operations. Read more on National Business Daily

Beijing Arthouse Cinemas Alliance Organizes “Cloud Screenings” Amid Coronavirus Outbreak 

As of today, Chinese movie theaters still remain closed, but cinephiles don’t want to give up collective movie-viewing experiences. Capital Star Art Film Theaters League, an arthouse cinemas alliance in Beijing, will host a series of film screenings on “cloud” instead of in theaters. The organizer will utilize online streaming platforms and WeChat groups to carry out this program. To participate, an audience simply needs to scan a specific QR code to join a WeChat group chat, which is referred to as a “virtual theater.” The organizer will then share a link to an online screener in the group and invite special guests to discuss the film after the screening. The first series of this program will present five local films featuring women stories, including The Crossing, Koali & Rice, Daughter of Shanghai, Shaou, and Wish You Were Here. Read more on CapitalFilm