Headlines From China: Does Swapping Celebrities Damage Your Brand?

Does Swapping Celebrities Damage Your Brand?

When the news of Kris Wu’s sexual assault scandal erupted, it sent shockwaves across the world, but it was his legions of endorsees that felt the pain as they assessed the fallout. And since Wu, brand headaches have only increased as Beijing further tightened its grip on the entertainment sector, leaving in its wake an ever-increasing list of casualties: actress Zhao Wei, TV star Zhang Zhehan, model Zheng Shuang, singer Huo Zun, TV anchor Qian Feng, influencer Guo Laoshi, and wider targets too, such as the banning of effeminate men. Read more Jing Daily

Ant Group to Share Consumer Credit Data with China’s Central Bank as Regulatory Overhaul Continues

Ant Group will share credit data from its consumer lending business with China’s central bank as part of an overhaul of the fintech giant. Information including date of account set up, amount in the credit line and status of repayment will be provided to the central bank. Users will need to authorize this. Specific information such as details about time of purchases or goods being bought will not be handed over to the PBOC. Read more CNBC