Headlines From China: Does Beijing’s War On Big Tech Help Or Harness China’s Internet?

Does Beijing’s War On Big Tech Help Or Harness China’s Internet

On Tuesday, through a set of draft regulations issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Beijing exacerbates its war on tech titans, unfair competition, and the misuse of user data. The regulators intend to ban methods leading to traffic hijacking and technical means that lead to illegally collecting or using the data of other businesses. The spread of false and misleading information to destroy the reputation of business competitors is also banned. At the same time, SAMR has declared war on incentives like fake reviews, coupons, or “red envelopes,” all of which are used to drive positive customer ratings. Read more Jing Daily

Chinese Nationalists Take Aim at Japanese War Movies

A documentary featuring one of Japan’s former army personnel has become the latest target of anti-Japanese sentiments on Chinese social media, with many criticizing the protagonist’s role in the Sino-Japanese War.

Thousands of individuals have descended on the review platform Douban, leaving unfavorable ratings for the 2017 documentary “Life is Fruity,” which depicts the idyllic life of Shuichi Tsubata and his wife in their twilight year. Read more Sixth Tone