Headlines From China: Contemporary Acrobatics Enhance Classic Chinese Love Story

Contemporary Acrobatics Enhance Classic Chinese Love Story

Contemporary acrobatic show “The Butterfly Lovers” will premiere in Shanghai next month, kicking off an international tour to European countries when conditions allow. Known as China’s “Romeo and Juliet,” the folk tale of butterfly lovers has been adapted into various art forms like film, opera and dance. The show is also part of the ongoing “Show Life in Shanghai” project presented by the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival. According to the center, “The Butterfly Lovers” will visit European cities for some 50 performances in 2023 if conditions allow. Read more SHINE

Chinese Filmmakers to Talk with DC Superhero Filmmakers

DC FanDome, the ultimate global fan experience, returns to China this Saturday, meaning DC fans can once again immerse themselves in the iconic DC Multiverse and celebrate its stars and creators, as well as enjoy plenty of surprises for the Chinese market. Among the exclusive events and content is a series of panels dubbed “Conversation Between Chinese Filmmakers and DC Filmmakers and Talent,” WarnerMedia in China said in its press release on Monday. Read more China.org