Headlines from China: Chinese Box Office Hits Enter Golden Horse Awards

Chinese Box Office Hits Enter Golden Horse Awards

According to unnamed Taiwanese sources, the Golden Horse Awards has completed its selection process, but hasn’t officially announced this year’s nominated films. A leaked list shows that several box office hits from mainland China, including Dying To Survive, Hidden Man, Operation Red Sea, The Island and Legend of The Demon Cat,  have been selected. In addition, several independent and arthouse movies from the mainland, including Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Baby, An Elephant Sitting Still, Ash Is Purest White, Hello Zhi Hua and Forever Young also appear on the list. The number of selected films from mainland China is unprecedented this year. Read more on Mtime

How Does Esports Generate Revenues? 

Once a marginalized activity, eSports has become a highly popular and lucrative industry in China. This article takes a look at how eSports generates revenues: fist of all, game companies benefit from the popularity of eSports, as games need to be purchased for people to play. Game companies are also able to make profits by licensing their game content to eSports competitions. In addition, eSports has inspired the establishments of several live streaming platforms and brought significant amount of income to the platforms as well as live streaming hosts. As an increasing number of countries, including China, acknowledge eSports as a professional sport. Professional eSports players, organizers of eSports competitions, and eSports clubs are able to make revenues like their counterparts in other sports, such as football, basketball and baseball. Read more on TMT Post

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Japanese Crime Drama ‘Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura’ Set for September 14 China Release

Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura, a 2017 Japanese crime drama directed by Takashi Yamazaki (Stand by Me Doraemon, 2014), has been scheduled to release in Chinese theaters on September 14. Starring Masato Sakai, the film follows a couple who solve mysterious cases taking place around them. The film raked in $27 million in Japan and received three nominations from the Japanese Academy Awards. Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura is imported by China Film Group and distributed by Huaxia Film. Changchun Film Group dubbed the film. Read more on Mtime