Headlines from China: China’s Film Investors Ask for Government Support Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

China’s Film Investors Ask for Government Support Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Today, a public letter from China’s film investment firms and individual investors to the Chinese government has been published by a few WeChat media outlets. In the letter, film investors ask the government to set favorable policies to help the film industry overcome challenges caused by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Specific policies proposed by the investors include a refund of the 5% charge on box office by China Film Fund, subsidies and loads to film exhibitors, tax cut, and reduction of interest rate, etc. In addition, the letter includes a call to action that asks people in the Chinese industry to work on improving various aspects of the industry in order to make it stronger and better prepared for future challenges. Specific suggestions include further consolidation of the film exhibition sector, diversification of movie theaters’ business activities, technological upgrade, diversification of specialized cinema lines and the establishment of a film rating system among others. Read more on CinemaS (WeChat ID: Cinemas_Shanghai)

Director Shen Yan to Join Wong Kar-wai to Make Drama Series ‘Blossoms’

Blossoms, the Chinese drama series executive produced by Wong Kar-wai, has been set to be directed by Shen Yan, according to a recently released document from China’s film bureau. Shen previously directed several TV series including the Rise of Phoenixes (2018) and Chinese Style Relationship (2016). According to the released document, the shooting of Blossom will start in April. Wong Kar-wai’s film production firm Jettone Films also said that a film adaptation of ‘Blossom’ is currently in development. Read more on Mtime

‘Better Days’ and ‘My Prince Edward’ Enters Osaka Asian Film Festival

On February 13, Japan’s Osaka Asian Film Festival (OAFF) announced the lineup of its main competition section. 7 out of the 15 selected titles are from the great China region. Chinese female filmmaker Lina Yang’s latest film Spring Tide and Derek Tsang’s box office hit Better Days were both selected. Better Days also earned x12 nominations at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards. Norris Wong’s My Prince Edward, Liang Ming’s Wisdom Tooth, and Love@TheSquare by Lester Chit-Man Chan are also among the selections, as well as Taiwanese films Heavy Craving and Your Name Engraved Herein. The 15th Osaka Asian Film Festival will take place from March 6 – 15. Read more on 1905.com