Headlines From China: China’s 2019 Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Re-Release with Extended Content

China’s 2019 Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Re-Release with Extended Content 

China’s 2019 Sci-fi blockbuster film “The Wandering Earth” is set for re-release in China on Nov. 26 as an extended version with 11 more minutes of new content, according to an announcement on the movie’s official social media account Monday. Widely hailed as a landmark sci-fi, the movie has greatly enhanced both Chinese audiences and the film industry’s passion for the genre and boosted their confidence in seeing more such outstanding domestic productions. According to the announcement, the re-release has been titled “The Wandering Earth: Beyond 2020 Special Edition” with tickets priced below 15 yuan, and all proceeds from the distribution will be donated. Read more The Paper News

Global View: For Artists and Performers, Livestreaming Is Here to Stay

As the coronavirus spread in China earlier this year and hundreds of millions of citizens were confined to their homes, the phrase “cloud living” entered the national lexicon. Describing the trend for all kinds of content to move online — from daytime TV shows to fitness classes, often streaming from the living rooms of their hosts — cloud living took on a new sense of urgency as housebound viewers tuned in to livestreamed cooking classes, fashion shows, and makeup tutorials by influencers. Read more Content Commerce Insider