Headlines From China: China Outlines 14th Five-Year Plan For Movies

China Outlines 14th Five-Year Plan For Movies

Outlining its 14th “Five-Year Plan” for the development of Chinese films, the China Film Administration has said it plans to increase the number of movie screens in the country to 100,000 by 2025. Good news, and along with that, the regulator will be promoting 10 domestic tentpoles each year. This is not far off from an earlier, pre-pandemic five-year goal but came to light this past week as China held the sixth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of the China Central Committee. Read more Deadline

Shang-Chi Sparks Outrage in China Over ‘Hidden’ Tiananmen Square Reference

Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” has been the subject of a number of controversies in China, owing to both the comic book character’s roots as well as actor Simu Liu. The film’s recent release on Disney+ has apparently resulted in yet another controversy, this time due to the contents of the film itself and an apparent reference to the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Read more CBR.com