Headlines from China: China Box Office Top 100, Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation

China Box Office Top 100, Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation

Wolf Warrior 2 was viewed 150 million times in theater. But do you know that a film about Chinese legend Madame White Snake reportedly garnered 700 million views back in the 1980s? In this article, WeChat media account yiqipaidianying lists China box office top 100 from 2008 up to today with adjustment for ticket price inflation. This time, it’s James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar that tops the chart. Number two is last year’s box office smash hit Wolf Warrior 2. Behind Wolf is Transformers: Dark of the Moon and American epic sci-fi disaster film 2012. While the calculating method is not flawless, this list provides a new perspective to look at the China box office and its potential for future growth. Read more on yiqipaidianying

Zhou Dongyu Makes List of Top 30 Chinese Actresses as the Only Post-90s Star

Recently, reputable Chinese film magazine Movie View released a list of top Chinese actresses based on data and information collected between 1990 and 2017. Number one on the list is international star Zhang Ziyi. The only post-90s actress entered top 30 is Zhou Dongyu. Like Zhang Ziyi, Zhou also had her debut in a Zhang Yimou film, Under the Hawthorn Tree. In 2016, Zhou won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards for her performance in romantic drama film Soulmate. Zhou’s upcoming film Us and Them, which is directed by actress-turned-director Rene Liu, will be released on April 28. Read more on ifeng.com

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Beijing International Film Festival to Present 15 Films from 20th Century Fox

Recently, 20th Century Fox released a full list of films to be screened at the upcoming Beijing International Film Festival. According to the list, 15 films that are produced by 20th Century Fox will meet Chinese audience in April. They are Biographical sports comedy-drama Battle of the Sexes, James Cameron’s Avatar (IMAX 3D) and Titanic (Dolby 3D), four Wes Anderson films, six X-Men films, 2016 action adventure superhero hit Deadpool (IMAX), and Logan. Read more on Mtime

Vlog Becomes Trendy for Chinese Content Creators

As Chinese consumers’ tastes become increasingly diverse, video content with strong individual voice becomes more and more popular. Recently, Vloggers have been rising as a new force in the entertainment arena. Vlog (Video blog) is a form of blog for which the medium is video. The world’s first Vlog debuted on YouTube in 2012 and soon became a popular category on the video-sharing platform. As various digital platforms are thriving in China, it’s not surprising that more and more content creators cho0se Vlog as a way to express themselves. Read more on entgroup.cn